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In Kern, 68.9 percent of students in 2102 2013 received free or reduced price meals, compared to 67.1 percent of students in 2011 12.

want to learn.

And the percentage of third and seventh grade test takers who earned Rolex Datejust 41 Jubilee

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Kern County Child Protective Services reported 17,990 allegations of suspected child abuse or neglect an average of 49 children per day.

by the California Department of Education as socioeconomically disadvantaged.

They expect over time, as the new standards in learning and testing align, scores will rise.

TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Katherine Scheler, an elementary teacher since 2005, said her Men Bag Prada classroom hallmark at Horace Mann Elementary School in Bakersfield is motivating students to think beyond what they need to learn and to seek what they Guess Sling Bag Price

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About 35 percent of Kern County children lived in poverty in 2011 12, which dropped about one percentage point to 33.9 percent in 2012 13.

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In Kern County, 72 percent of students in 2013 2014 are socioeconomically disadvantaged, up from 70.9 percent in 2012 13 and 67.7 percent in 2011 12.

That increase corresponds with trends in a student population described Guess Bags

Poverty, hunger, child neglect and an educational achievement gap between general students and subgroups are still major issues in Kern County.

Officials say the numbers are still high.

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Tom Corson, executive director of the Kern County Network for Children, said there are fewer children living in poverty but more students receiving free or reduced price meals because the county has done a better job of connecting families in need with available resources.

In better news, the report found a slight decrease in the number of children living in poverty, something officials say substantially impacts student learning.

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When students receive proper nourishment, Martin said, they are more focused and attentive, and perform better.

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Local graduation rates a three year average of 75.8 percent from 2010 11 to 2012 2013 failed to surpass the three year state average of 78.7 percent.

"We done everything we can to maintain high quality nutrition from pre K to eighth grades," she said.

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The Kern County Report Card showed while fewer children lived in poverty last year, more students participated in free or reduced price meals.

Other stats in the Kern County Report Card include:

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The test scores had been trending up before 2012 2013. Educators attributed the regression to students being taught according to new learning standards but being tested on the old standards.

The district uses state funding to pay for a breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables program that allows students in need to take food home.

A student is classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged if he or she is eligible for free or reduced price meals, or neither of the student parents received a high school diploma.

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at least proficient test scores in math and English dropped between one and four percentage points.

Glynda Martin, director of educational services in the Standard School District, said the Oildale area district is trying to combat that through nutrition initiatives.

More than a third of Kern County families 36.5 percent whose householder had less than a high school diploma lived in poverty during 2012. For families with householders with at least a bachelor degree, the poverty rate fell to 3 percent.

Martin said the district has also implemented parenting classes.

´╗┐KHSD honor and teacher tenure

He added there is still work to do.

Of adults at least 25 years old, 27.9 percent did not have a high school diploma in 2012 13.

Neglect was 93 percent of all reported child maltreatment.

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