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Blind with Camera bagged an order from the NGO Child Relief and You to document child disabilities. The images will be used on greeting cards and gift items. "We are also launching paid photography courses for sighted artists who would like to learn blind art and sharpen their senses," says Bhowmick.

To involve a wider set of individuals in Blind with Camera, Bhowmick plans to hold Blindfold Photography Workshops at media schools, where students will learn the art of photography using non visual senses. "Trainers will include visually impaired photographers," he says, leading to a "reversal of roles. Later, work coming out of the blindfold photography workshop will be exhibited along with work from the Blind with Camera project, and all money raised will be ploughed back for blind artists."

´╗┐impaired take up photography

Mahesh Umrrania lost his vision at age nine. He went to a school for the blind, and later earned a diploma in Indian classical music from Bombay Original Prada Handbags University. He now plays the sitar. He claims to have vivid memories of the visual world, including colours, but does not remember the faces of his family members.

One photographer is Raju Singh. He was born with normal sight but by age five he was partially blind. Today Singh has low vision with limited depth Guess Greyson Zip Around Wallet

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Bhowmick read an inspirational article in Rolex Datejust Ii 41mm Blue Dial

"For low vision artists, we provide equipment to magnify images so that they can see what they have captured. For the visually impaired, we give audio support and embossed images to help them understand what they have clicked," says Bhowmick.

Singh learnt photography from Bhowmick. "I can see the three dimensional visual world much more clearly in the photo print by bringing it close to my eyes and with the magnifiers provided by Blind with Camera," Singh says. "Photography really helps me to see well."

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for their work."

So that the blind can experience their own work, Blind with Camera ensures that the photographs are touchable raised images. Photos are supported by Braille notes, large text and visual aids.

A photographer enables his visually impaired students to take up the camera.

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Original Prada Handbags

The prevailing attitude in Indian society is that blind people must rely on sighted people for everything from transportation to economic survival," says Bhowmick. But the Blind with Camera project aims to enhance the incomes of blind artists by enabling them to sell through renowned galleries.

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Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

Original Prada Handbags

Umrrania met photographer Partho Bhowmick a few years ago. "Photography, which I learnt with Sir (Bhowmick), reconnects me to the visual world," he says.

It is estimated that India has 15 million blind people, including one fifth of the world's blind children. Millions more suffer from low vision or are at risk of blindness.

"We have begun exhibiting only at commercial art galleries like NCPA and Kala Ghoda in Mumbai or India Habitat Centre in Delhi, where our artists get more mileage Rolex Yachtmaster Platinum 40mm

of field. In his own words, "I can see the objects like you would see them through glass covered with thick grease. The farther the object, the foggier it appears." He went to a school for the blind, and now works as a computer instructor.

an old magazine. It was about Evgen Bavcar, a blind photographer in Paris. With that began a year long effort to understand the world of the visually impaired. The site meets accessibility standards for the visually impaired and is shortlisted for Nasscom's Social Innovation Honours 2011. Blind with Camera is a wing of the Mumbai based Beyond Sight Foundation.

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