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looking to combine homes with arts and retail facilities. They said: about a gallery, units for creative retail business, nice cafes, some public art, with eco friendly affordable housing for key service professionals above the shops? Great opportunity to make an innovative and aesthetically interesting architectural statement. Other ideas included:

Some type of replacement for Granby Halls St Margaret's baths all in one. It's a small site would be a tight fit, but it could be built upward with parking on lower levels. Sheeple.

Jim wanted the return of a velodrome: replace Saffron Lane and the one at Beaumont Leys that never got built. Meanwhile, Andrew wanted: and lots of trees. Anon fancied a skyscraper! And Antom would like to see replica of the car park they found Richard III in And a few people were happy with nothing!

b) Exhibition hall to replace Granby Halls (lets bring back Cheap Ladies Rolex Watches Uk

Prada Backpack Review

Prada Backpack Review

Prada Backpack Review

d) Crche for shoppers children. Rodders65

Prada Backpack Review

not take this chance put a giant tower as in Venice/spire like in Dublin/tower as in Paris etc with viewing gallery/restaurant bar something we can all be proud of will attract tourists for years years to come. Surrounded by trees/seats/walkways etc this is a chance in a life time for Leicester to put itself on the tourist map come on SPS we don't need any more flats or offices go for it!! muxloe6

and restaurants would be great right at the bottom of New Walk and near the centre. Perhaps a lovely water feature or fountain too? Somewhere to have a market and ice rink at Christmas so many possibilities. As did Lee Clark, who suggested: We need an arena so we can compete with the NIA and other venues in the Midlands this we can attract big name acts, this should have happened before building the Curve."

would like to see somewhere council funded like a leisure complex as Prada Backpack Review people who live and work in town have no real swimming etc facilities. People who live in town are not just "Townies" there are families too now. Keeley Hollingsworth

c) Bowling ally to compete with the one at Meridian.

´╗┐readers have their say on site as HQ set to be demolished

Meanwhile, a car park was also popular with some people including Tanya Gibbins. She said: a car park to ease up the Narborough Road/Saffron Lane area on match days. And Jibo liked the idea of putting the land over to parking: "A free car park ? OK, so not realistic. But how about a cheap car park 1 for 2 hours, 2 for 4 hours."

Prada Backpack Review

would like to see a mixed use site there similar to Brindley Place in Birmingham. Thought out mix of business premises, restaurants and leisure premises all built around a well designed plaza. Lee.

Prada Backpack Review

Prada Backpack Review

Leicester badly needs an arena to attract big name artistes and major shows. Maybe an ice skating/roller skating rink could be fitted in on this site. Nigel Brooks.

No more student flats for DMU .

Prada Backpack Review

sports arena would be nice. Pre Owned Rolex Watch Uk

Prada Backpack Review

really need something for leisure on this site. An ice rink, bowling, a music venue. This is what Leicester needs more than anything else. Alex

Another reader, Samyurai, was also Rolex Datejust Women's Diamond Bezel

a) Ice rink to compete with Nottingham

the home life exhibition)

A city centre leisure complex would be good including.

Prada Backpack Review

proper city hall. Glass, domed and purpose built. Functional but letting light through to illuminate the buildings on New Walk. Along side this a modern communal park to further brighten the area. A quick fix up of the top of Welford Road and the removal of all those little barriers on the crossings replaced with a Oxford style crossing would make the area feel much more welcoming. James.

Prada Backpack Review

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