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Afterward Levesque said he appreciated Kerry's response.

While Kerry is a strong supporter of campaign finance reform, he told the students he wrote Obama a letter before the 2008 presidential election urging him to go outside the public financing system.

infrastructure will play in securing the country's economic future.

At the end of Kerry's lecture, Meehan announced that the 68 year old senator recently became a grandfather. Vanessa Kerry, the youngest of Kerry's two daughters, gave birth to a baby boy named Alexander Kerry Nahed earlier this month.

Kerry also touched on his failed 2004 presidential run, saying it was a mistake to take public funds to finance his campaign.

Prada Bag Baby Blue

Prada Bag Baby Blue

Prada Bag Baby Blue

When Prada Bag Baby Blue a student asked about North Korea's recent failed missile launch, Kerry said the country was trying to send "a washing machine wrapped in tin foil" into space.

"It was very truthful," he said.

Prada Bag Baby Blue

Kerry received his public funds five weeks before President George W. Bush because the Democratic Convention was held first. This forced him to spread the $74.6 million in public funds over almost 14 weeks, while Bush had just under 9 weeks in which to spend the same amount.

Kerry lamented the fact that although solar and wind technology were first developed in the United States, many of the top alternative energy companies now operate overseas.

Prada Bag Baby Blue

Prada Bag Baby Blue

Kerry spent about half of his time fielding questions from the audience on a variety of issues.

"It's not some adult food fight that you ought to look at from arm's distance and say, 'Well, these guys from Washington all suck. I have my life,'" said Kerry.

"We have to recognize the wealthiest people in the nation can't keep paying less and less," said Kerry. "We just want to go back to where we were before George Bush Women's Rolex Watches 2015

Prada Bag Baby Blue

While Kerry said he was in favor of cutting some government spending, such as entitlement programs, he said taxes need to be raised on the country's wealthiest citizens.

"I'm ready to play Jason," he joked.

would have liked to have stayed in there," said Kerry. "I would have liked to have competed in that race and I couldn't."

Despite his foreign policy credentials, the state's senior senator spent much of his 90 minute talk focusing on domestic issues, most notably the role investing in Guess Bag New 2017

He blasted Congress for letting tax incentives expire that benefited these sectors of the economy, telling the students that gridlock in the nation's capital will continue unless young people like themselves demand changes.

gave a tax cut we couldn't afford."

The scene served as a reminder of how Kerry, whose name is frequently mentioned as a possible secretary of state if President Barack Obama is re elected, is playing an increasingly larger role on the world stage.

Kerry opened his talk making light of the two black eyes and broken nose he suffered earlier this year as a result of a pickup hockey game. Kerry said he now wears a hockey mask, which he said is appropriate given that it was Friday the 13th.

"They just seem to find ways to isolate themselves and frankly make themselves look less than competent and thoughtful," said Kerry. "This is Kim Jong Un's way of trying to assert himself as the new leader. I don't want to be disrespectful, but the fact that it didn't make outer space and fell apart speaks for itself."

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Prada Bag Baby Blue

Prada Bag Baby Blue

Ben Levesque, an 18 year old freshman civil engineering student from Fall River, asked Kerry how Massachusetts can fix its infrastructure, given that it is one of the oldest in the country.

Prada Bag Baby Blue

´╗┐Kerry speaks about domestic issues with class at UMass Lowell

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