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Prada Bag Mini

Prada Bag Mini

in Austerity UK, the amount of shops able to trade profitably will decrease, and they will tend to concentrate in one area, so other parts of the City will decline. I suspect there will be more High Street casualties in the coming year, creating more vacant retail space

Would be nice to see it tidied up though and the netting gone. I wonder if it would make a reasonable location for an artisans "market" style set up whereby local artists and craftspeople could have a stall selling their wares for less than the price of an individual shop, but where they also generate footfall for each other. There will remain a place for good quality crafts products to be purchased face to face even as purchasing manufactured boxes gradually loses ground to the online shopping.

The application to Bath and North East Somerset Council has been made by London based Insight Architects on behalf of the arcade's owner.

Prada Bag Mini

Prada Bag Mini

Prada Bag Mini

´╗┐Makeover planned for Bath's Georgian shopping arcade The Corridor

Prada Bag Mini

The application said: "Enhancements to the arcade and the immediate environment are intended to revitalise the arcade and aid in making it a more welcoming and attractive retail destination. In addition, the proposals aim to reinforce the connection of the arcade to its local streetscape."

The owners of The Corridor have submitted plans to refurbish six units within the arcade. If approved the Guess Bags Sale

Would a big name want it Jessops store will be on the market fairly soon so someone wanting a reasonable sized store would surely go for the proximity to Southgate with its parking and public transport links rather than the quieter tourist oriented area around the Guildhall and Abbey.

Prada Bag Mini

ON LINE SHOPPING WILL TAKE OVER 50% OF TO DAYS RETAIL OUTLET STORES IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE! ie Jessops and now HMV all going down because of high running costs and the ON LINE sales beating them out!

Prada Bag Mini

"Unfortunately, in recent time there has been a gradual decline in tenant take up of retail space within The Corridor which indeed has resulted in a number of current vacant retail units."

paint work, improved lighting, the removal of pigeon netting and new signs.

As well as refurbishing units five to ten, the application also seeks to make the arcade more welcoming and attractive to shoppers with fresh Guess Iphone 6 Plus Case

The Bell night has had an effect, I actually agree with Malcolm! This is all part of the retail jig saw, re develop Southgate as focal point, and it will lower footfall and spend in other parts of the centre. As units close, footfall reduces further, and it becomes a downward spiral. Maybe the simple fact is that, Rolex Daytona Black And Gold

Insight said: "The key objective behind this submission is to improve the quality of the retail trading space in the subject units in The Corridor in order to make the units more attractive to future retail tenants.

Prada Bag Mini

The last major changes were made to the arcade in the 1970s after it was the target of an IRA bomb attack in December 1974.

alterations will mean the units could also be combined to create a much larger store if required in future.

WHY waste cash on a building/s that costs a fortune to run via Rates, heat, staff, electric storage etc. etc. etc. when all is required is a nice big wearhouse and a small staff to take and send out the orders! God! Even the governments have 'killed off' Prada Bag Mini industry by outsouring it to 'other' places and so freeing up the land to build homes for our imagrants!

The Corridor links Union Street and Union Passage with High Street. Opened in 1825 and designed by Henry Edmund Goodridge, it is one of the earliest surviving examples of a Georgian retail arcade outside London.

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