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Their hurt is still tender and profound, but the tears and somber reflections were eased at times by moments of laughter or reminders of sweet memories.

By Henry A. Sgt. Adan Gonzales Jr., that fills their home with laughter even as their family and friends go through the difficult time of mourning the loss of Gonzales Jr. after he was killed while serving in Afghanistan with the Marines. At left is Nichole Chavez, Sgt. Gonzales' sister, Yolanda Gonzales, his mother, and Cpl. Maddison Jefferson, who served with Sgt. Gonzales.

When she saw Adam some months later at a friend's quinceanera, she was smitten.

As part of his sniper platoon, Gonzales carried a SAW machine gun, capable of firing a fearsome 1,000 rounds per minute. Yet to the end of his life, he balanced his role as a combat Marine with his strong desire to help the desperately poor families he came in contact with in that war weary region.

"They are born innocent into war," Gonzales wrote in longhand.

"I told God, if you exist and you heal my son . I will seek you, find you and serve you," Mr. Gonzales said. "My Lord and Savior has granted us 28 years with our son. I'm comforted that my prayer was answered and fulfilled."

Prada Card Wallet

"Our gun bursts wake them up at night, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date 18k 750 Geneve Swiss Made

and I can hear them crying after a firefight," he continued. "It haunts me to know that Prada Card Wallet they frequently become victims of our bombs and missile strikes. They are no different from my own children, and have a God given right to live in peace and happiness.

Prada Card Wallet

"As for me, don't worry about me," he wrote. "I am in God's hands and I believe he Guess Sling Bag For Women

"I was the pregnant one and he was glowing," she said.

And their pride in Adam is without question.

His mother, Yolanda, listened intently, but found it nearly impossible to speak through the lump in her throat.

Outside the family's Bakersfield home, a Marine Corps flag and the Stars and Stripes fly in parallel over the front threshold. Inside, family photos and a crucifix decorate the living room wall.

He loved his two daughters, but when they found out last year at an ultrasound appointment that they were going to have a son, Adam was "glowing," Catalina remembered.

The elder Gonzales remembered moving behind a curtain at the hospital and beginning to pray.

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I do believe God is with me on these long patrols

Born with a high fever, Adam was so sick at birth he wasn't expected to live. And if he did survive, doctors told the frightened couple, he would likely have serious mental disabilities as a result of the illness.

The descriptions and memories of Adam are too numerous to list here, but Catalina remembered him as a wonderful father to their children.

Catalina recalled the day she first met her future husband at a Catholic retreat he was 16, she 14.

In a letter mailed home earlier this year, the 28 year old asked for prayers to protect his comrades in Gold Rolex Daytona Black Dial

A photo of Adan his friends and family usually called him Adam is displayed front and center. He's in uniform, an American flag draped in the background.

will see me through this."

Asked whether it was love at first sight, Catalina didn't hesitate.

Prada Card Wallet

Prada Card Wallet

"The moment I saw him, I claimed him," she said to more smiles and laughter.

Prada Card Wallet

Prada Card Wallet

arms, as well as for "the innocent children that have to live, day after day, in this war zone.

His sister remarked on his "million dollar smile" and the way he would throw his head back and laugh without holding anything back.

Prada Card Wallet

Prada Card Wallet

Prada Card Wallet

His father, grandmother, sister Nichole Chavez, wife Catalina Gonzales and others gathered in the living room Monday morning to recall stories of Adam.

Prada Card Wallet

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