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Years later, Browning told the Enquirer's John Kiesewetter thathe did it to boost team morale. The Reds werestill in a funk over the firing of manager Tony Perez six weeks earlier.

Schott had gone to the Bengals game and didn't know Rose was playing until a Reds employee told her. She watched his at bats on TV in her box at Riverfront.

But fate and a bicycle intervened.

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the Wrigley Field scoreboard. He said it was kind of cool, so I tried to get in the scoreboard, but they wouldn't let me in.

Prada Glasses Price

"So I ended up talking to the clubhouse guy, and he knew the guy who owned the building (across Sheffield Avenue). I called him, and I said I was wondering if it would Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Rose Gold Price

While the partiers laughed and drank, Browning took off the sweatsuit and casually sat on a railing and watched an inning, dangling his feet over the edge of the roof and waving at his teammates and TV cameras.

"The Wrigley message board began flashing a message: 'Ty Cobb, 4,191' on one line and 'Pete Rose, 4,191' beneath it. Cubs right fielder Keith Moreland threw the ball in and applauded. All at once, the entire Wrigley Field crowd of 28,269 were on their feet as well as the fans on the rooftops of the buildings across the street."

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Rose was three hits away from breaking Ty Cobb's career record of 4,191, and Schott wanted him to do it in Cincinnati when the Reds started their next homestand on Tuesday.

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Pete Rose almost breaks Ty Cobb's record

"We got to Chicago and I said, 'I'm going to do something silly today.' A buddy of mine, (pitcher) Bob Walk with the Pirates, once went in Rolex Submariner Gold And Steel Blue

Rose had planned to sit out the last game of the road trip against left hander Steve Trout, and Rose's wife and his agent had gone home. The Cincinnati media corps following Rose had gone back to Cincinnati, too, to cover the Bengals game.

Rose, then the player manager, gave Reds owner Marge Schott a fit when he put himself in the lineup on Sunday, Sept. 8, 1985.

CINCINNATI As Cubs fans and baseball fans everywhere celebrated the 100th birthday of Wrigley Field Wednesday, Tom Browning must have been smiling.

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When the Cincinnati media, gathered at Riverfront Stadium for kickoff, heard the news, many of them sprinted to the airport to get back to Chicago, not willing to bet that Rose would save the record hit for Cincinnati.

Trout fell off a bike while playing with his daughter and hurt his elbow and shoulder. The Cubs started rookie right hander Reggie Patterson instead, and Rose, sitting on 4,189, wrote his name on the lineup card.

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Prada Glasses Price

William A. Cook described the moment in "Pete Rose: Baseball's All Time Hit King:"

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After the game, the new manager, Davey Johnson, read him the riot act, Browning said.

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be OK if I came over and sat on your roof for an inning and watched the game. And he said, 'I've never had anyone ask me that. That would be kind of cool.' "

doing it."

Wearing a sweatsuit over his uniform, he snuck out of the bullpen during an afternoon game and crashed a rooftop party of Cubs fans across the street, overlooking right field.

That goes for Pete Rose and Jim Maloney, too.

´╗┐Jim Maloney contribute big moments to Wrigley Field

"He said to me the next day: '1,000 bucks.' And I said, 'OK.' But it worked out. I gotsome nice laughs. It cost me $1,000, but I enjoyed Rolex Submariner Date On Wrist

"I told him, 'Listen, this has nothing to do about you. It's about those guys in there (clubhouse). I know this deserves a fine. Just tell me how much it is, and leave it at that.' And I threw a few other words in there, and I walked out.

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