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"Like Ben, I genuinely do like being around historical places, places where events have transpired, that have relevance and weight. It's almost like you feel you can time travel, and absorb

implicate their ancestor, Thomas Gates, as a co conspirator in the assassination of President Lincoln.

to not only enjoy playing, but also to some degree personally identify with, in the first film.

assassin John Wilkes Booth.

32 years. She is soon caught up in the intrigue, but the team is not alone in its pursuit.

"I like adventure films that take you to other places, and where you can learn things on the way, and that's what National Treasure was," says producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

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possibilities because of the nature of the character of Ben Gates, who's sort of an historical detective.

Prada Gray Bag

his formidable mother and Patrick's ex wife, linguistics professor Emily Appleton (Helen Mirren) who hasn't spoken to Patrick in

Prada Gray Bag

the place in which you're working. I tend to agree with that."

him on a deadly collision course with the others in a desperate effort to uncover the secrets that lie beneath the half burnt diary page from America's past.

After his astonishing discovery of the riches of the Templar Knights, Ben has become the world's most famous treasure hunter although he prefers the term treasure protector'.

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Much to Patrick's consternation, Ben calls upon a secret weapon Rolex Submariner No Date

vibrations of the past. I think I have that in common with Ben Gates, who seems to be very interested in older things, with a past and a dignity of time attached to them."

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The diary was found on Booth's body when he was killed; however, several pages had been torn from the diary and have never been found until now. Surprisingly, the information on this page seems to

perhaps the most mysterious and highly guarded book on earth, and from that, to a famed mythological treasure.

"It was suspenseful, humorous, had engaging characters and maybe best of all, used American history as a jumping off point for a very entertaining film. Audiences love to be entertained, but they

Nicolas Cage has never starred in a sequel until National Treasure: Book of Prada Gray Bag Secrets. But Cage had such a good time on their first sojourn, that he was happy to take a second plunge as Ben"I've sort of steered clear of sequels in the past, because I haven't really liked the idea of repeating myself. But in this case, I felt that each episode would be a whole new adventure with new

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In National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Ben and his father, university professor Patrick Gates Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner

also love to learn something."

The man who brought the lost page to Ben's attention, Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris), has his own family history to uncover. But his ambitions are less noble than merely discovering treasure, putting

(Jon Voight), are shaken by the discovery of one of the long lost pages from the diary of Lincoln

Prada Gray Bag

Prada Gray Bag

Prada Gray Bag

FOR Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage), history isn't just a dry record of what's occurred in a distant and half forgotten past. For him, history is alive, vital and occasionally it offers the possibility

Ben Gates was a character Cage came Guess Shoulder Bag Sale Uk

´╗┐New chapter for treasure hunters From The Westmorland Gazette

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As Ben, Patrick, Abigail and Riley meticulously unravel clues that threaten to turn history, and their lives, completely upside down, their search for historical truth widens into a hunt for

"We had a very good time working on the first one," says Cage. "Martin Sheen once said to me that all that really matters is whether or not you like the people you're working with, and do you like

Prada Gray Bag

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