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I met Abhay there, and we became friends, we liked each other and started dating for a year and later moved in together. (Preeti has lived with Abhay in his Juhu house since 2010).

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I loved modelling and travelled the whole world. I did it to pay the bills, but it was becoming fun, so I got sidetracked and got busy with modelling.

I was born and brought up in Great Britain where my parents have a firework company; they do firework displays. I have a sister, Anjlee who is a singer.

I have worked all my life. I started working when I was 14. I was taught that if you want nice things and want to make something of yourself you have to work.

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the script with Devika, he liked the story so much that he came on board as an actor.

I know people are obviously going to say I got One By Two because it is Abhay production. But I knew Devika Bhagat, the director of the film, from before. We were friends and had shared our dreams Prada Iphone X Case and Rolex Watch Women Rose Gold

'It's nice that Abhay Deol and I are together

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Prada Iphone X Case

Prada Iphone X Case

Prada Iphone X Case

I did not know anything; I got to learn a lot from him. We kept things professional on the sets from day one.

The first day I had to shoot with him I was nervous. But that was just for a few seconds. We had worked on my character Samara Patel so much that I knew her inside out.

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I came to Mumbai in 2008. I enrolled in Anupam Kher acting workshop for three months. I started doing some modelling to support myself.

It was so easy to work with Devika since there was a comfort level. Devika knows what she wants. The production process went so smoothly.

After Shor, I realised I loved acting. I wanted people to take me seriously so I quit modelling.

Devika had told Abhay that she wanted to cast me for the lead role. In fact, initially, Abhay was not acting in the film but was just the producer.

I hadn thought about doing films. I didn know whether I could act. I came to India to do this as an adventure.

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hoped to work together some day.

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When I told my parents that I want to go to India to act, they bet each other that I wouldn last long. They were both excited that I wanted to go to India, for them it is like going to their motherland.

Once Abhay started shooting for the film, he concentrated on the acting and his (business) partner Sanjay Kapoor took over the producer responsibility.

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Before going to the party, I watched Dev D. It was good.

But in the process of writing Guess Diamante Clutch Bag

In college, I did a three year beauty course. After I finished I got a job to manage a salon straight away.

When I came here, I realised that it was a big thing for a girl of Indian origin to win a British beauty pageant. I started getting offers for films in India.

But the role was in English as I had to act opposite an American actor (Senthil Ramamurthy). So I decided to work in the film.

I worked as a beauty therapist in England. My mom and my friend insisted I participate in a beauty pageant. I won Guess New Arrival Bags

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When I was modelling I got this offer for Shor in the City (2011). I did not want to take it because I thought I have to work on my Hindi and I was not ready.

Miss Great Britain in 2006. That changed everything for me.

Abhay and I had the same manager before we started dating. I was modelling, and my manager wanted me to do films and go for film events. I was not very good at networking.

I look up to Abhay and respect him as an actor.

I did the newspaper round, and on weekends I worked when I was in school. Through college I was a waitress.

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