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So far I've got only strong women parts to play that are interesting to do. character in Gabbar Singh is no different. She's there with a purpose. She's a strong independent girl in a village.

Shruti talks about her role of a village girl in the film and the general experience of making Gabbar Singh.

adapted to suit local audiences?

Shruti Haasan gave a touching performance in the Tamil film 3. She will now be acting in her third Telugu film, Gabbar Singh, the remake of the Hindi film Dabangg.

I am not a method actress

Prada Purple Wallet

Prada Purple Wallet

Psychologically you didn't have to tune yourself to be this girl from the village?

I don't know how to do that. I'm not a method actress. Rolex Daytona Platinum

I wear half saris. It was the first time I was wearing clothes like that Prada Purple Wallet and dancing. It was really exciting.

I liked the original Dabangg. I've always felt Dabangg was like a South Indian film.

What was it like working with Pawan Kalyan for the first time?

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I know my director wants something from me and I put all my efforts into my body language. Beyond this I don't know what I can do other than live in a village. But time did not permit that.

I was getting a lot of offers in Telugu when I was shooting for Oh My Friend and Seventh Sense. This film offer came to me some time back. It just took a while to start the production.

Though the characters I have played are all very different, they are all strong, interesting women. I'm happy to have played such a character in Gabbar Singh.

In Gabbar Singh it was clear the director needed me to put on weight. That's something I had to manage physically. Other than that, I took cues from the director. It was a fun role Used Ladies Rolex Watches Ebay Uk

was nice to see Pawan Kalyan in that role. There was such a positive energy around the film from the beginning. Right from director Harish (Shankar), to the team, to DSP's (Devisriprasad's) music, everything fell in place.

There are slight modifications, which I feel works better for this audience.

Prada Purple Wallet

Prada Purple Wallet

I don't know how to psychologically start thinking like a village girl.

to play.

I told myself I should go home and start working on my looks because I didn't know I look at people like that (laughs). He wanted someone who could hold their own in terms of character.

How was it playing a village girl because you have done mainly urban roles so far?

Was it also because Sonakshi Sinha in the original was a bit voluptuous?

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You can picture him totally being there. There's this insane fan following for him which everybody knows about.

A lot depends on the costume and looks that can definitely transform people. Actors sometimes forget to say that a lot goes into the look and that is why the make up and the accessories are so important.

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I was excited to work with him and I must also say the shooting experience with him has been really nice.

It was not in comparison to Sonakshi at all. In 3 as well, I had to keep jumping onto the weighing scale.

Is your character modelled on the Hindi version or Rolex Daytona White Gold Diamond Bezel

Prada Purple Wallet

Prada Purple Wallet

It's important for me who plays the main character. There's no doubt that when I knew Pawan Kalyan was playing it, it kind of made sense.

You said the costume plays an important role. So what do we see you wearing?

I did put on weight much to my chagrin. Harish said, I don't want a skinny, totally toned and fit village girl.

Harish said to me, 'I need to find somebody who can stop people with one look and I think you can do that'.

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Physically, there are certain changes. The director insisted I put on some weight for the film. I think urbanness for him came with being extremely fit and slim.

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