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"You would walk into a room with Jack and he would go 'Hey' and you would be so important to him.

SINCE the tragic death of her 18 month old Rolex Submariner

son Jack, there have been times Laura Mackay felt she was going to fall in a heap.

"He would give you a kiss and a cuddle and on my day off I would sit outside with him and he would just wander around, chewing on the garden hose or trying to eat dirt and then he would just look up at me and he'd come over and give me a cuddle.

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"I get this feeling just below my ribs of just love and it just goes right through me just like the hugs that Jack used to give me," Mrs Mackay said yesterday.

Mrs Mackay went by helicopter to the John Hunter Hospital where paramedics and emergency staff desperately worked to keep Jack alive.

"We fitted a lot in to his 18 months and we don't have any regrets because we've always stopped if our kids wanted a hug and given them a cuddle and a kiss."

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Mrs Mackay laments the simple opportunities lost to her young son but insists the family has no regrets about his short life.

"The thought that he's never going to go to school, the thought that he's never going to be so naughty that I'm going to be like you're grounded and give him a smack and then kiss him better, you know all of the stuff that we've got to enjoy with Ella.

"I wasn't strong enough to have a child pass away, it was my biggest fear, I guess.

"We brought him home from the hospital and after two or three days I said to my husband I don't even remember life without him.

filled our lives with so much love.

"All our nieces and nephews just loved him, he fitted. He crawled later than our older daughter, Ella, and walked later than her but now I look back on it and all that stuff doesn't matter, I think he was busy teaching us how to love.

"I know that he did breathe for Jack, that he gave it all he had and tried so hard."

Sitting outside her single storey home in the quiet town on the Tilligerry Peninsula, Mrs Mackay pauses Prada Shoulder Bag for a moment as she remembers her son's smiling face.

When this happens she walks outside her Mallabula home and looks up into the night sky, focusing on the brightest star she can see and waits for that warm feeling to wash over her.

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On the other end was her husband, Clinton Mackay, and he was screaming.

"He was perfect from day one," Mrs Mackay says.

Moments earlier, Mr Mackay had found Jack lying in his cot beside a window, a loose blind cord entangled around his neck.

"Clinton had given Jack CPR and he's since told me that Jack was blue when he found him but when I got out of the car Jack wasn't blue.

to hold him for a short time and then the police arrived and there had to be minimal contact, we could stroke his hair and lightly stroke his face," she said.

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´╗┐heartbreak over toddler son

"He said 'You have to get home, you have to get home now'," Mrs Mackay said.

It was about 2.30pm on August 22 that Mrs Mackay got the phone call every parent dreads.

"He told me Jack wasn't breathing and he said he had choked on a blind cord."

"They gave us time in a room with him, unfortunately because of the fact that sometimes these deaths aren't an accident, sometimes it is because of the parents, my husband and I were only allowed Watch Rolex Png

"He was beautiful, he was amazing, he Rolex Datejust 41 Price

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Mrs Mackay exhales as she prepares to tell the story of how her young family was changed forever.

She said there were nurses crying when her young son was pronounced dead.

"He was just our gift, from day one we said he was our gift from god."

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"Just as we were coming up Lemon Tree Passage Road the Westpac rescue helicopter was landing.

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