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Ghosn concludes that in order to promote cohesion at all levels, it is vital to get to the very root of the differences that exist between people. "A prime example of this is perhaps the fact that women still cannot be priests in the Catholic church. But it just so happens that if you look in the Bible, you'll find that Jesus never actually said that. Jesus fought segregation and so should we."

Customers are satisfied when the carmaker's team is as diverse as the customers themselves. "How can you understand and support your customers if your team is not equally diverse?" he argues.

Diversity Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon is also an excellent tool for motivation and commitment, says Ghosn. "You cannot motivate people when there is a glass ceiling. If the employee knows that he can't be CEO of the company because of his citizenship, why does he need to be loyal? If he feels like a second class citizen because of his age, why should he go the extra mile?"It is easier to relate to people similar to us in age, cultural background, gender, and language. However, says Ghosn, facing differences is less comfortable but more enriching.

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

"We believe a top down approach from the government at improving integration does not always work on its own. There needs to be common involvement." Legislation to outlaw discrimination and prejudice is vital, and the media could be encouraged to promote more positive aspects of immigration, rather than always focusing on the negative, she adds.

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Would diversity become easier or more difficult for societies to integrate people from different ethnic backgrounds in the years to come, a discussion group was asked.

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

´╗┐How much diversity is too much

Ghosn, a keynote speaker at the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society which was held in Deauville, France recently, says that there is no limit to the amount of diversity he would accept because diversity is Rolex Oyster Perpetual Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified Cosmograph Swiss Made

Liz Padmore, a director and associate fellow at Britain's Rolex Datejust Mens Uk

The internet, education systems that teach children about different cultures, the spread of English as a common world Guess Wallets Sale Uk

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Oxford Said Business School says the group's overwhelming conclusion was that it would be easier but it would be a rocky road.

For French carmaker Renault, diversity men and women, young and old, engineers and non engineers, different nationalities means increased creativity, imagination and performance. "Whenever we have a problem we cannot solve, we put together a cross functional team and I am always amazed at the solutions they come up with," says Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Renault and Nissan.

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

Customer satisfaction and commitment

However, he says we need to define our goals regarding diversity, and the best way to do this is to ensure we are approaching diversity from the right direction. We must also be prepared to accept some segregation while waiting for diversity to arrive.

not only right; it is a powerful source of performance and wealth.

While the solutions that come from a diverse team are better than a uniform group, the problem is that at the outset, it takes time and energy to overcome differences. We have to be patient, he says, but in the end diversity will prevail.

language, the media and global travel are also aiding integration. However, technologies like the internet could also lead to less integration, creating even bigger divisions between those who are connected to it, and those who are not. "There's a need for common values and shared goals, and it's crucial to involve governments, the private sector and individuals as 'stakeholders' in the process," she says.

Prada Shoulder Bag Nylon

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