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North West Leicestershire MP David Taylor claimed a total of 154,277 and Loughborough MP Andy Reed claimed 151,604.

´╗┐Leicestershire MPs

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The figures are expected to be followed by the release of individual receipts claimed for by MPs this summer. Yesterday's figures were released on the same day that Speaker Michael Martin announced MPs would get a 2.33 per cent rise this year.

It seems to me that the only honest politicians are those at the extremes of the political spectrum.

I do begin to wonder if our system of democracy which is based on parliamentary representation is the best one. What do MPs really do that benefits or represents their constituents?

MPs can claim on their allowances for the cost of living in a second home and running an office staffing, stationery, IT, communications and postage costs. They can then claim separate travel expenses for themselves and for their staff, as well as 30 trips for a member of their family.

One answer would be for the state to own the second home if required or the office in the constituancy. On a second note I do wonder under emp loyment laws if a open and fair process has taken place for the employment of the MPs assistants or have they only been advertised on the doors of their fridges at home.

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Mr Soulsby said: "Alison runs my Westminster office and so the trips pay for her to get down to London and back to Leicester.

"Many MPs have spouses working for them, but will claim it in the staff part of their expenses rather then these family trips, but it's the same thing."

as long as they are legitimate. It is the current system that encourages a suspicion of corruption. I want a good MP representing me and if that means paying for it so be it, but it should be very open and above board without Submariner Rolex Date

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Melton MP Alan Duncan, also shadow leader of the House, claimed a total of 148,448, while Leicester West MP Patricia Hewitt claimed 147,537, in allowances and travel expenses.

MPs are in politics for money. If they are not re elected they keep their so called second homes and all the things they purchased. Its scandalous even if it is within the rules (that MPs made!!).

Out of all 645 UK MPs, Mr Vaz claimed the 81st highest amount in 2007/8.

of years. Its an insult to people who commute long distances daily to get to and from work.

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I expect that the Prada Tote Bag Nylon next general election will see the lowest ever turn out of voters but an increase in the votes for the extreme.

Bosworth MP David Tredinnick claimed 143,039, made up of 6,273 of travel expenses and 136,766 on allowances.

any shadows of doubt or grey areas. The sums involved seem vast to ordinary working people but lets not push a system that means only the wealthy can afford to be MPs as we will all be losers.

I have no problem with the costs of being an MP are meet out of the public purse, Green Rolex Submariner Price

Leicester South MP Peter Soulsby claimed the next highest overall amount, 156,951, made up of 147,843 of allowances and 9,108 for travel. Figures showed he had claimed almost 2,000 of travel expenses for his wife, Alison.

Conservative Harborough MP Edward Garnier 149,484 made up of 9,838 of travel expenses and 139,646.

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Why are people surprised? Perhaps people are shaken by the amounts of money MPs have claimed as expenses and how those expenses have been used.

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Conservatives Stephen Dorrell, Charnwood MP, and Andrew Robathan, Blaby MP, claimed the lowest amounts in the county 126,479 and 109,594 respectively.

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Prada Tote Bag Nylon

MPs should have a dormotory they can use when in London. They should not be allowed to "employ" relatives. Its scandalous that MPs receive more in expenses than many people earn over a period Rolex Watch Gold Diamond For Men

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