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That could slow things down. Our number one priority is to keep the crews safe."

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LUNENBURG A significant percentage of residents in Lunenburg spent their eighth straight day without power Friday as a snowstorm barreled into the region.

"I'm not on the ground out there so it's very difficult for me to estimate when power will be back for everyone," Gantz said. "If we give our best estimate, and the best estimate proves to be off in either direction, it's a source of criticism."

It's difficult to say how long it will take to restore power to every customer in Lunenburg, according to George Gantz, Unitil's senior vice president.

Glenny said Prada Wallets Ladies there were 17 crews working in Lunenburg Friday morning, which represents a significant increase from previous days.

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Bourgeois said he cannot speak highly enough about the job that everyone at the Emergency Operations Center in the Public Safety Building has done handling the crisis.

"I know it's the holiday season and people have shopping to do, but it's going to be hazardous and we're asking residents to stay off the roads if possible," Bourgeois said.

About 20 residents were at the shelter set up at Turkey Hill Middle School Friday.

All of the roads in Lunenburg are passable as of Friday morning, Glenny said.

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Lunenburg resident Pratiksha Talwar said she and her family would remain at the shelter during the storm.

"There are still some low hanging branches and wires on certain roads, so people should be cautious," Glenny said. "But all of the roads are passable."

Unitil had its chief operating officer in Lunenburg Friday morning coordinating the restoration efforts, Gantz said. The company has 76 crews split between Lunenburg, Fitchburg, Ashby and Townsend.

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"We have more crews in that area than I ever thought possible," Gantz said.

"It's been frustrating," she said. "I never thought it would take this long."

officials are recommending residents in those areas seek alternative housing during the next few days.

"Call us if you see any suspicious activity," he said.

Restoration of power to those areas of town is expected to extend beyond Friday. Lunenburg Rolex Watch Golden Price

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Bourgeois asked residents to keep an eye on their neighbors' homes if they are out of town.

´╗┐Much of Lunenburg remains in the dark

The shelter will remain staffed at least though Sunday morning, Glenny said.

"We'll keep it open longer if necessary," he said.

Talwar said she had hoped her power would return before the storm hit.

Unitil reported that 1,829 customers, or roughly 40 percent of the town, was still without power early Friday. The company expected to restore power to 80 percent of the town by the end of Friday.

"Everyone has been very accommodating here," Talwar said. "We have been here since Tuesday."

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"The crews are used to working in bad weather," Gantz said. "They're going to keep at it. The difficulty could be visibility with the snow blowing around. Mens Rolex Datejust For Sale Uk

Specific areas of concern in town are Howard Street, Gilchrist Street, West Townsend Road, Prospect Street and parts of Leominster Road, according to Town Manager Kerry Speidel.

Utility crews continued to work through Friday's snowstorm, Gantz said.

A snow emergency will be in effect in Lunenburg during the storm, which means parking on the streets is banned, Bourgeois said.

"Yesterday we had about eight crews in town," Glenny said. "I'm told that even more are on the way."

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Fire Chief Scott Guess Bags Sale Online Uk

Police Chief Daniel Bourgeois asked residents to avoid driving during Friday's snowstorm and the storm expected to arrive on Sunday.

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